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  • Choosing the Right Hosting for Your Business

    Choosing the Right Hosting for Your Business

    Tips and considerations for selecting a hosting provider that suits your business website’s needs.

  • Getting Started with WordPress for Your Business

    Getting Started with WordPress for Your Business

    An introductory guide to why WordPress is ideal for business websites and the initial setup steps.

  • Bluehost Back to School Sale

      Bluehost is currently offering discounted hosting as part of their back to school week special. This sale runs today through the 25th and you get $1 off each month. If you are thinking of getting a website, now is a great time to do it. You might also be interested in my ebook: How to…

  • Why I’m Moving My Site To WP Engine

    Why I’m Moving My Site To WP Engine

    Currently, this site is hosted on I love Bluehost and I still recommend their service for when businesses or individuals are getting started. That being said however, I have had an opportunity to work with a client site using WP Engine and I have decided that I want to move my sites to their…

  • Is it SPAM?

    Is it SPAM?

    One of my least favorite things about blogging is Comment Spam. It always distracts from well meaning comments and takes the time of the person running the site. Akismet does a GREAT job at helping to manage spam (and I’ve talked about it before) but I recently read a good article by Marie Leslie that…

  • One reason I love WordPress

    I have lots of reasons that I love WordPress but I wanted to just highlight one today. That reason is the awesome plugin infrastructure. You can do almost anything you would want to do with WordPress with an already completed plugin. (You might have to PAY someone to get access to that plugin but the…

  • Drag & Drop Featured Image Plugin

    Drag & Drop Featured Image Plugin

    Today I wanted to highlight a simple but time saving image plugin for your website. This free plugin is the Drag & Drop Featured Image plugin and it does exactly what you think it would. After installing the plugin your featured image section gets updated to allow for dragging files directly to it.     To…

  • 51% off Hosting Special with HostGator – Plus Free Ebook

    51% off Hosting Special with HostGator – Plus Free Ebook

    Today ONLY get 51% off of HostGator hosting plans. In addition I am offering my ebook “How to Build a business website” for free so you can get started on your website quickly.   You can download the guide here: How to Build a Business Website (the free offer is expired but you can purchase the…

  • Keep your business website simple (KISS)

    In today’s society of complicated websites and projects, I’ve come to a conclusion recently. I can’t take credit for it though. It’s been an idea that has been around for a long time. KISS… (Keep It Simple Stupid). Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when a super awesome, custom built website will make…

  • WordPress Admin Themes – Does WordPress need a facelift?

    So, it’s been a bit quite around here for the last couple of months. Well, there actually has been a ton going on, just not visible to most. I am working on some really cool things, one that I am super excited about announcing but it isn’t quite ready, so you’ll have to check back…

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