What’s more scary than creating a website for your business?

Ghosts? Well… “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!” and you shouldn’t be afraid to setup a website. This post is somehow inspired by Chris Lema’s post on tools to help your site.

While reading his post, I couldn’t help but recognize that it isn’t just the tools that help you build a website, it is the skill to which you employ those tools. It’s always great to find a new list of items to go through, but one thing I loved about this particular article was that it wasn’t just a list of items, there was a story to it. Chris had taken time to personalize the list and this is what has made his website successful. I’ve created a ton of content here on this site on the tools that you need to use to help you create a website for your business. Thinking back I have mentioned the importance of putting you and your brand into the website. I just wanted to reiterate that this is so important.

Make connections with your customers

People might not care what you had for breakfast or what you are wearing today, but if you can make connections with your customers, this is what creates loyalty. You can do it on your website, in your store, wherever, but you need to make connections with people.

Connections make the world go around. Build connections and help people want to come back to your website. Connection requires conversation, not just reading your material. This means that your website might not be the best way to create the connection. There are social media channels and other ways that you can create connection. Use those, but always bring people back to your home base (your website).

To help with connecting with you, you can use a tool like Elfsight to bring your social content on to your website. It is pretty slick. Check it out today.






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