WordPress for Business Websites

Genesis Responsive Themes and StudioPress Awesomeness!

I know that I recently wrote an article about responsive WordPress themes. I also realized that I mentioned some of these links in there, but today I was struck yet again with the awesomeness of StudioPress, their content, and the awesome Genesis Framework that I just felt I needed to make another shout-out to them […]

Design your own WordPress theme

Just a reminder that the Free Website Contest ends tonight at midnight (EST).   So I don’t have a long post here but I wanted to let you all know I didn’t disappear off the face of the earth. I’ve been working on some things on the side, my PayPal shopping cart plugin (which I was hoping […]

24 Clean Business Templates for WordPress

One of the great benefits of WordPress is the plethora of great themes and templates on the Internet. You can download one of these themes and easily install it on your website and have a professional look without the cost of hiring a designer. I went through a whole bunch of designs from ThemeForest, WordPress.org, […]

Installing a WordPress theme

Well, now that you know how to create posts and pages you can get your content on your website. I hear you though, your website is so dull looking.  Well, let’s fix that.  In this post I”ll show you how to find and install a new theme to give your website the look you want. […]