Genesis Responsive Themes and StudioPress Awesomeness!

I know that I recently wrote an article about responsive WordPress themes. I also realized that I mentioned some of these links in there, but today I was struck yet again with the awesomeness of StudioPress, their content, and the awesome Genesis Framework that I just felt I needed to make another shout-out to them and point out a few links that are just great material.

Responsive Theme Tester

If you want to know what your theme looks like on a mobile device, check out their Responsive Design Testing application they put together. All you have to do is drop your url in the text box and hit “enter”.

Purchase Responsive Themes

StudioPress sells themes (based on the Genesis Framework) and they are good themes. A year ago they announced that they were going to overhaul all of their themes and make them responsive to the screen size that they are being viewed on. They have made good on this claim updating 18 of their themes thus far (by my count) and not just updating them to make them responsive but they have upgraded them to refreshed, newer looking themes in most cases.

Great Articles and Resources for Developers

2 Indispensable Elements of Excellent Mobile Responsive Design

How to Make Your Website Respond to Different Mobile Devices

Mobile Responsive Design: The Flexible Grid

Free Mobile Responsive image slider plugin

An Awesome Framework

The Genesis Framework is AWESOME! It is filled with great functionality from search integration (onsite SEO functionality), an abstraction layer between the theme and the framework, and frequent updates to keep your site protected to just name a few. They have also put together a great Genesis for beginners guide if you are looking to see exactly what it can do.

Overall, StudioPress just has awesomeness through and trough and I wanted to let them and you know I love to work with their stuff.


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