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Genesis Responsive Themes and StudioPress Awesomeness!

I know that I recently wrote an article about responsive WordPress themes. I also realized that I mentioned some of these links in there, but today I was struck yet again with the awesomeness of StudioPress, their content, and the awesome Genesis Framework that I just felt I needed to make another shout-out to them […]

Mobile Responsive WordPress Themes

Mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and android devices have become very popular over the last couple of years. This popularity has fueled discussions for “responsive” theme design. This basically means that your theme changes based on the size of the screen your viewer is using. Most phones allow you to view a site and “pinch and zoom” […]

Genesis Theme by StudioPress

There was a good response from the previous post I made talking about some of the functionality of the Genesis framework. I do believe that using the Genesis Framework for your company website can help you to manage it easier as well as give you the control you need. I decided I would do my […]