WordPress is downloaded a TON!

Pekka over at WPBiz.net recently put some information in front of me that shocked me.  In this post he confirmed my suspicion that WordPress really is the top CMS (Content Management System) out there.  In his article he pointed to the 2011 Open Source CMS Market Share Report where they made it clear that WordPress is the top.  According to the report WordPress receives almost 650,000 downloads a WEEK. The closes competitor (Joomla!) had less than 100,000.  So, if you were looking for any additional convincing whether WordPress really was the top CMS, I think that might do it.

One quick note from me is that I think most of those downloads are blogs and not business websites. I think we are just starting to see the growth of business websites moving to CMS solutions (in particular WordPress) and I think the tools will just continue to get better.  If you are looking for more reasons to use WordPress for your business website, Pekka also had a great post on 11 reasons to use WordPress for your Business Website.

If you’ve decided you do want a website for you business and you don’t know where to start, check out the free quick-start guide.






2 responses to “WordPress is downloaded a TON!”

  1. Pekka Sahlsten Avatar

    Chris, thanks for the kind words. Definitely most WordPress sites are blogs, but interesting WordPress-powered business websites keep popping up all over the place. I try to feature those on my site whenever I stumble on a good one.

    1. Chris Avatar

      You are right that more and more sites are using WordPress. I love that you post sites as you find them. I found one the other day but I can’t remember what it was… It was fun to find out today that Life.com is now using WordPress. It is a nice looking site and I wouldn’t have guessed it was WordPress without someone pointing it out to me.

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