What’s been going on with the WordPress for Business community?

Well things have been a bit quieter here lately. I’ve been working on some things behind the scenes but I’m also trying to figure out exactly where things are headed for this community.

WordPress Business Themes – How To Posts

I have been getting a disproportionate amount of search results on my articles about the themes and so I am thinking that you guys want more information about business WordPress themes. Let me know what you think in the comments, but the idea I’ve been throwing around is to pick one theme a week and do a deep review of the theme. I’m talking download it and show a video of me installing it, testing it, and doing some configurations so that you guys can see the inside of the theme and how to do every little bit.

Other Posts

I am shooting to do 3 posts a week. If one is a featured theme post, I am thinking the other two will be a generic post about business and websites, and a second how to post specific to functionality in WordPress. The second how to post could be about a plugin, making changes to your site, or an answer to a question from a user. I’d really like to get more of the community involved so if you have questions, please ask!

Other Projects

As I mentioned above, I’ve been working on some other projects that I’m going to keep close to the vest for now, but for someone getting started with a website I think I’m going to blow you away. I have a couple of plugins I am working on, and a how to setup a WordPress website course. I also am continuing to work on my free guide and hope to build it into a full e-book.  As you can see things are busy but I feel community interaction is the number one priority so if you have questions you want answered, let me know!






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