Small Business Kickstart Kit

So you are here because either you have some interest in starting a business or you have a business and you want to create a website for it. I am a memeber of the Small Business Bonfire (join free here).

I was recently made aware the Alyssa has created a “Small Business Kickstart Kit” and I wanted to make you all aware of it.  (I haven’t purchased this kit myself so I’m not entirely sure what is in it or what value it could be for you but having read Alyssa’s stuff over the past few years I’m sure it is good.)

Small Business Kickstart KitThe kit is a 48 page PDF that contains worksheets, templates, and other tools to help you make sure you are heading in the right direction.

You can view a sample pdf here: or you can go directly to buy it here. (She also has an upgrade on there for $5 more to get the full editable versions of the worksheets so you can customize them if you want.)

The Personal MBAAs a side note, if you are looking for more in-depth materials on being a business owner the book “The Personal MBA” by Josh Kaufman has EVERYTHING you could imagine in a well formatted, easy to read (as in scan and find information) book. (This one I own and I’ll have to write a full review of that one sometime but it is a TON of information.)





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