Do you have a question about your website?

I have greatly enjoyed the interactions I have had with my readers thus far in the life of this blog. I have interacted with people across the world and it really is fun. I created a new blog category last week to highlight questions from readers called “I have a question”. Previously I’ve asked people to fill out the contact form to submit a question but today I decided I wanted to make it a little more specific and push this piece of the website a little further.  I decided that I might be able to get more attention, more questions, and thus more interaction from those who need help if I put a form within easier reach.  To do this I installed a plugin called “Contact Form 7 Widget“.

If you have a question about WordPress or how to do something on your website (business or personal) please fill out the contact form. I’d love to help you out and also to highlight the information on the website.






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