New Security Plugin

I thought that was interesting and thought I would share it with you. If you search the plugin directory for the word “security” you get 1000+ results. If you look through the first few plugins you see things like checking your file permissions, removing access to non-admin users to some pages, removal of identifiable information from the WordPress install, and password checkers to make sure passwords aren’t too simple.  All the plugins I looked at have one thing in common; you have to actively run them to check for vulnerabilities. A new plugin called 6Scan Security ACTIVELY scans your website for problems and notifies you if it finds any. If you pay for their premium service, it can even automatically fix those problems for you. I think this is a new development in website protection that we will see increasing over the next year. It is kinda like an alarm system that lets you know when you’ve forgotten to lock your door or windows (ever left your keys in your front door?) or maybe forgot to turn on the alarm system when you left. Computer virus scanners used to be manually run. Now they are generally automatic and while they often still run the full scan only at scheduled times they have components that scan downloads, emails, and other things continually.  I haven’t used this plugin yet so I can’t say whether it works or not but I thought you might find it interesting. I’ve added it to my list of plugins to test and I’ll update here when I have a verdict.





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