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Getting Your Website Setup

DIY quick-start package

My goal with this website is to provide people the ability to create and manage a website on their own.  However, I have found that a lot of people don’t want to learn how to do things they won’t do more than once, and that’s fine with me.  So, with that being said I’ve decided to help you out with getting things up and running.

What you need to do:

To use this package you need to purchase your web hosting (and domain name) and send me the account details so I can log in and get things setup for you. You will also need a theme or template.  I’ve listed some locations you can get themes on my resources page.  If you want to you can start with the basic free theme but this package does include the installation and basic setup of your theme.

What you get:

I will setup your hosting account and domain (which you purchase), install WordPress, install your theme (which you purchase or select), and install a handful of plugins if desired (contact form, website backup, etc). If you want an email account or I can set that up too.

After you purchase I will send you an email asking for the necessary login and detail information.

Cost: $450 (does not include hosting or theme costs)


This package includes the first year of hosting and domain name ($100 value)

We do everything for you. You pick a domain name and theme and we set it up and get your website working exactly how you want it.

Cost: $3500 

Problems And Incremental Help

As you go through getting your website up and running and managing it over time you may run into things you can’t figure out or get “just right”.  If you want some simple fixes, I’m here to help.

What kind of help?

  • Page updates
  • Fixing layout issues (image alignment, etc.)
  • Installing and setting up a plugin
  • Setting up an email account
  • Installing and setting up a new theme

After you purchase I will send you an email asking for the necessary login and detail information for what you need help with.

Cost: $200/hour


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