How to write the content your audience wants

One of the things I often hear people wondering about is what to write about on their website. What I often don’t hear talk about (particularly with business websites) is how that content should be written to help search engines index it better and users to enjoy it more. Copyblogger has a great service called Scribe (the link is to the new version demo video which is a bit long but awesome). Scribe bills itself as a “battle-tested content marketing process with an integrated, holistic approach to online marketing that maximizes your return on investment.” That actually sounds like a lot of big words, but what does it mean?

Well, Scribe uses your content and gives you research tools to discover similar topics and those that matter to your audience. It pulls in social information to help you gain initial attention and to help you rank well in the search engines. Lastly, it helps you to convert more visitors into long term followers and customers.

Just today, Scribe opened a new content marketing education program called the Scribe Content Library. I signed up myself, and they will be giving away some great information in these ebooks. As I learn things I will be sure to help point them out to you, my loyal readers. This first book focuses on how to get more traffic and leads from your online marketing efforts. Now obviously the first thing you need is to have a website, but after that, how do you go about creating an online marketing effort? Well, this is a great place to start. I recommend you sign up for the content library so you can begin learning from the experts on what you should be doing to help market your products and services online.

Additionally you might be interested in their Free SEO Report.





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