How to add an image to your website

Images make a huge difference for a website.  Having an image on a page or a post helps to break up the text and provide visual appeal to the layout.  It is often hard to find an image that specifically relates to the information of the page or article that you are talking about.  In those cases it is usually normal practice to find and use an image that references information that you are sharing in some way. In WordPress there are 3 different ways to add an image to a post or page.  One is to upload it from your computer, one is to use an image url of an image already online, and the third is to use an image from the media library (something you have previously uploaded.)  In these 3 videos you will be able to see each option.


How to add an image from your computer


How to add an image from a url


How to add an image from the media library


I hope you will find these videos useful.  Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to post more simple how to videos to help you get your site up and working.  If there are specific things you would like direction on please use the contact page to make a request or let me know in the comments.






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  1. Jared Avatar

    Great information on how to put photos into a post and a page. Images can really draw attention to a site. I also have a website that gets search traffic everyday because of the images used which works as a great SEO tool.

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