How to Create a Business Website

Get a sneak preview copy of my upcoming ebook

Over the past few months I have taken some of the best posts form the website and compiled them into a step by step guide. I am excited to announce that this weekend I finished my book titled “How to Create a Business Website”. It is a step by step guide to setting up and configuring your business website using WordPress. I haven’t yet released it out into the wild yet because I’m looking for a few “beta testers”. What I would really like is individuals that would like to get a FREE copy and go through the steps of setting up a website from scratch. If however, you already have a website and you want to make it better let me know and I’ll see how many requests I get.

This book doesn’t just stop after you get WordPress installed. I walk you through setting up pages, posts, plugins, themes, and widgets. If you understand the concepts in this book (and even if you don’t but you can follow a recipe) you will be able to have a website up and running after going through these pages. If you are interested in a copy please email me at I’m hoping to get a few copies out this week so I can get some feedback and launch the book early next week.






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