7 Fun WordPress Themes You Could Use For Your Company Website

So you look at most business websites and they seem a bit stale to you. Or maybe your own website just feels old and boring. There are lots of options of WordPress themes that can give your website a colorful or fun change that will catch people’s attention. I’ve compiled 7 FUN WordPress themes that you can use for your business website. Each have their own unique aspects that I like. For instance, the “LongPage” theme is one really long page instead of clicking a bunch to get to page and having to wait for them to reload, you just scroll down. One that I found particularly fun was the Envision theme. You have to see that one live because the color changes depending on the current slider image.

Have fun checking these out, and let me know in the comments which ones you like!


LongPage WordPress Theme

LongPage WordPress Theme


Brix WordPress Theme

Brix WordPress Theme

StudioPress Tapestry Child Theme

Brix WordPress Theme

Clean Cut Business Theme

Cleancut Business WordPress Theme

Unite WordPress Theme

Unite Business WordPress Theme

Envision Colorful WordPress Theme

(You gotta check this one out live)

Envision Colorful WordPress Theme

Above the Fold – WordPress Theme

Above the Fold WordPress Theme


BONUS #1: Free Theme Pack! (133 Themes)


BONUS #2: Fun BuddyPress Themes


BuddyPress Colour Pack

BuddyPress Fun Theme





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  1. manish shah Avatar

    Nice word press themes for our website. It is really amazing themes. By this themes we earn more profit & get more success.

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