WordPress for Business Websites

Custom Home Page

Some themes have home pages (like my site) where they use widgets to allow you to customize the home page. Other themes just list the blog posts on the home page. This usually isn’t what you want when you are creating a website for your business (especially because if you delete all the posts it […]

How to cleanup the initial WordPress install

Once you setup your WordPress installation, you need to clean up the default post, pages, and comments. Now as you may recall I often do this after my first page creation because I’m too excited to clean things up before getting some content on the site, so I give you permission to do that if […]

How to create a page in WordPress

Once you have your website setup with WordPress you will no doubt want to start adding content. Now you could go through and worry about a theme, plugins, etc, but if you are like me at all you want to test some of the functionality of the new site – even with the default theme. […]