WordPress for Business Websites

3 ways to keep WordPress secure

I’ve been a bit slow on updating this site. I have lots of ideas but not enough time. What I’ve decided to do is setup a schedule for posting. My goal is to write one original article a week and the second to find one or two good articles that I have read and post […]

Using Newsletters and Email lists for your Business Website

As you know email marketing can be a great tool to keep people engaged with your brand and content. Using an email list to send out both newsletters and update emails is a simple way to market. Here are a few things you can use email newsletters/broadcast email messages for…

Custom Home Page

Some themes have home pages (like my site) where they use widgets to allow you to customize the home page. Other themes just list the blog posts on the home page. This usually isn’t what you want when you are creating a website for your business (especially because if you delete all the posts it […]

Can email marketing help your business?

There are so many ways that you can market your business these days. Not all are right for every business and in a lot of cases some will be a waste of money (and/or time) for you. You’ve already started with a great, relatively simple and cheap option with building your website, but just having […]